About Citara Systems

Your IT Department Believes Your Business Goals Always Come First

We founded Citara Systems in 2002 out of frustration. All too often, we’d seen IT initiatives that were driving the business, rather than business objectives driving the IT environment. With our deep domain experience in business and systems management, we knew we could do better.

Citara Systems puts your business goals first. We value a cost-effective, efficient, and stable IT infrastructure over the latest technology trends. If the trend doesn’t make sense for your business, then it doesn’t make sense—period. And you can count on us to tell you that upfront.

Citara’s Clients: Outsourced IT Services for Companies like Yours

Our goal is to give you the level of IT support and service you need so you can focus on running your business. Many clients rely on us for 100% of their IT needs — we are their IT department. Others need us to provide short- or long-term support for their existing IT staff. Still others depend on our consulting expertise to provide senior management with objective, business-savvy input to their strategic IT development process.

Our business-centric approach to IT challenges will help you assess your long-term objectives as well as your short-term goals. Whether we’re working with companies here in New England, or providing IT consulting and remote support to worldwide enterprises, we provide customized solutions to fit every client’s situation.

Read our client case studies to learn more about the many ways we’ve helped businesses like yours solve their IT challenges and maximize their ROI.

Your IT Department is just a STEP away

We approach everything we do from your business perspective. Whether we are consulting with you on your 5-year IT investment plan, integrating a new information system into your current environment, or providing Managed Services so you can maximize efficiencies in your critical systems, we make sure you are getting the right IT solution for your business.

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