Virtual CIO Services


Strategic Direction for Implementing and Managing

IT management is challenged with balancing the operational concerns of managing complicated systems and long-term strategic planning. The Citara Virtual CIO services provide you with a senior executive that serves as your CIO and IT advisor, helping your in-house IT staff achieve that delicate balance.

Our goal is to offer our expertise and guidance to help you develop your IT strategy based on the strategic direction of your business. You no longer need to focus your attention on IT, giving you more time to focus on your core business. You get the same level of service that larger companies receive from their Chief Information Officer (CIO) except now it is available to you as part of your managed IT services.

Benefits of Citara’s Virtual CIO include:

  • Access to an independent, trusted technology advisor
  • Development of an IT roadmap that is aligned with your business goals
  • Decreased IT expertise costs
  • Increased flexibility to respond to market shifts
  • Access to a mentor and coach to aid in-house IT professionals succeed

Our virtual CIO is able to direct some or all of your organization’s information technology, data security, vendor management and operational strategies. 

Confidently manage your business knowing that you have the expert guidance needed to plan and deploy innovative technologies. Contact us to find out how we can guide your IT strategy to enhance your strategic advantage.