Cyber Security


Increased cyber security threats to small businesses are a given. Cyber crime is profitable and the risk is small. But for the small business, data breaches can be especially damaging, potentially resulting in loss business, reputation or being forced to close if the breach is severe enough.

There are many types of threats that small businesses should be aware of and understand how to prevent them from happening. Some of the top threats to small businesses include:

  1. Ransomware – simple phishing email with a link that if clicked, would open up your computer to malicious code that locks your files until you pay ransom to free them.
  2. Internet of Things – a wide range of devices such as smart TVs, car systems, digital home thermostats, activity trackers and smart watches where hackers find vulnerabilities and determine how to use them for their gain.
  3. Mobile device exposure – with an increase in BYOD (bring your own device) usage, business data is more accessible to hackers
  4. Weak passwords and password retrieval processes – users need to understand the importance of strong passwords and your business needs a solid password retrieval process that can’t be spoofed by hackers.
  5. Physical theft and loss – with more mobile devices accessing the network, the theft of these devices if they store corporate information is a risk for your business.
  6. Website exploits – web application exploits such as cross site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, file upload vulnerabilities and directory traversal can result in your website being hacked and depending on your business, potentially exposing customer information.
  7. Social engineering – using corporate information to trick an employee into helping the hacker break into your network.
  8. Data breaches – theft of customer and employee personal information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers and health information.

However, there are many ways a small business can take responsibility to protect itself from intrusion and diminish the negative impact on your business. Contact us to find out how we can help secure your IT infrastructure and save your business from costly security breach.